Date Night Ideas

In these days, everyone is ready. Between family, work and social commitments, there is hardly any time left for squeezing half an hour for Netflix let alone managing a significant amount of time for your significant other.

You got me! I am talking about “Date Night.” It is highly important to keep the relation healthy. So, when was the last time you two had one, only two of you? If it is really a long time, it is high time to put away all the screens and spent some quality time together. Well, you need excellent ideas to make the time more romantic and worthy of the time.

Date Night Ideas

You remember your first dating experience right? It all really takes a nice meal and a few drinks in a nice place. But after a while passes when you two become more comfortable, it is good an idea to add some sparks into your date nights. Instead of same old-fashioned date nights, creative date night ideas are important to make it refreshed and fun.

Starting from romantic date ideas to some fun making date night ideas, I will cover some of the excellent date night ideas in this article. Dive in, and plan something cool and unexpected in your next date – I am pretty sure your partner will appreciate the effort.

Romantic Date Night Ideas

Romance is the thing that brought you together. Do you think your love is fading away or are you having trouble to reach your significant other? Make your time and call in a romantic date night. These romantic date night ideas will bring back romance you have had.

Have a Picnic in the Beach or Park

If you are looking to add some spark in your busy daily life by making a romantic date, picnic in the park or the beach can be the true and tried romantic date idea that won’t cost a lot. A restaurant is not the only place to have great foods. While in a picnic you will have a wonderful time, can have excellent meals. No tipping is required, and there will be no waits. You can enjoy the whole moment wearing your favorite casual dress up.

Or even you can cook for your partner by yourself take it with you. You will spend time talking, enjoying the food and watching the nearby senior. I guarantee you that you will have a wonderful time together. To keep the relationship refreshed, do not forget to have picnic occasionally. All you need to do is to change the location every time you go for a picnic.

Make a Day Trip

If you are leaving in a city that brought some nice attractions, why not utilize this opportunity. To get out of the city boring life plan a day to make a trip to your favorite place. A nice day trip will only cost a little gas if you bring the food. If you are new in the place, scout out the area or Google it to see the nice places around to make a day trip. Maybe you can go to a beach in the neighboring city, go on a hike or ride a bicycle together. It is your day, make it yours.

Visit the Nearest Museum

Are you two history buffs or love to learn things about the past? If so, going to a museum can be educational, and you will also learn more about the place you are living. Museums are open in throughout the months, and if you go on certain days of the months, you might get a discount or a free entry. If you are looking for date night ideas near me, visiting the nearest museum can also be ideal for you.

Cook a Meal Together

Not everyone is a cooking personality and enjoys culinary arts. If you and your partner enjoy homemade foods and love to experiment the kitchen, have a great time to prepare a nice meal or a special dessert together.

Then when you are done, dine in candlelight without worrying about the bills, waiting time or the hygiene issues.

Visit a Botanical Garden Together

Visit a botanical garden TogtherBotanical gardens are the cool and calm places where you can always make some walk and have romantic times together. The view of green trees and the peaceful environment will refresh both of your minds. And the bonus point is that most of them are free to enter. Although, you might get some offer of a tour to a historical landmark on site for only a few dollars.

Go For a Romantic Movie

Go for a Romantic MovieThis one is, of course, one of the cheap date ideas but definitely romantic as heck. Choose a suitable time and select a movie to be watched. A romantic film for a romantic date night can be very pleasing. Have some popcorns and soda so that you do not feel hunger on the process.

Date Night Jar Ideas

Date Night Jar IdeasCreating your own date night jar ideas can be very daunting. To help you out I have added some cool date night jar ideas in this section. These ideas are very exciting and appealing if you run out of other romantic ideas. Making romantic ideas using the jar is absolutely something that can blow your sign cant other’s mind.

Put All of Your Ideas in the Jar

One of the most romantic thought is to put all of your date night ideas in the jar. Write your ideas on lovely cards before placing them inside the jar. Make sure your budgets are matched with the ideas. Choose three full mouth mason jars. Label them with three different categories which are Romantic Dates, At Home Dates and Out of the Town Dates.

Don’t forget to make the labels colorful and lovely. Now, whenever you are ready to go for a date night, chose a jar and blindly take one card. Voila! You have chosen your date. It brings excitement if you two are together while selecting the date night option.

Make a Present with Date Night Jar

Another great date night jar ideas are to make a present out of it. Think of your anniversary or a birthday or some other important day which you two celebrate. Now based on the day you choose to make or buy some romantic yet symbolic cards that represent that precious day. Do not forget to put sweet and romantic words in the cards if it is not already there. Take a wide mouth mason and put all the cards inside. Paint the label of the jar or put a printed label on it. The label should be romantic as well as symbolic for the day you are going to celebrate. Now when the day comes, present this gift to your partner. I am pretty sure your significant other will be highly surprised!

Make the Jar a Chocolate Jar

Who does not love chocolates? Some like it more than anything else that can be eaten. So, if your significant other loves chocolates that much, surprise him/her with the date night chocolate jar. Buy some of the nest chocolates or the ones your partner loves most. Now take Mason jar and fill it with chocolates. Print a wide and large label that can cover the entire jar so that your chocolates remain invisible. Leave some romantic notes on the cover. Now call in a date and surprise your chocolate lover one with this innovative gift.

Fun Date Night Ideas

Fun Date Night IdeasWe all have been there. You want to break free your boring life when nothing seems refreshing to you. If this is the situation, fun date night ideas are here for you. These ideas are very funny yet romantic and will definitely cheer you up.

Visit an Animal Shelter or Zoo

Visiting an animal shelter is not just an unconventional date but also fun. Walking around and sighting your favorite animals can be really fun. If you get the opportunity, you also take some fun photos and make some beautiful memories. The most exciting thing to visit an animal shelter zoo is that you will never get bored, you might get tired though. What can compete with a long walk inside the zoo followed by a nice dinner?

Take a Train That Goes Nowhere

Take some cake or muffins, a flask full of coffee and broad on a train that goes around the park or a safari park. Talk, eat and see the natural wonders. Have a great fun time together. I am pretty sure you will not regret the choice; instead, I believe you will be interested in going on such date again.

Go To the Beach and Swim Together

Go To the Beach and Swim TogetherAnother fun making date night idea is swimming together on a beach. Find the nearest beach near you, pack every essentials and head to the beach. Have sunbath under the afternoon sun and then jump on the water and have fantastic fun. You can also eat dinner on the beach. I can guarantee that none of you will be eager to go back to your home soon.

Go For Kayaking or Boating

Water has its own healing capability, and an outdoor activity like kayaking or boating on Calm River can help two of you to take a breather from any problems you might have. On the other hand, if you are boating on the rough water together, it would be highly enjoyable and fun making date times.

Watch a Comedy Movie Together

Whether you are at home, Movie Theater or Cineplex, a good comedy movie will cheer both you up. Plus some popcorns and drinks can provide you with the energy to laugh out loud for a couple of hours. While watching a comedy movie, I personally suggest you go to Movie Theater or Cineplex. The laughter of other audiences will bring extra amusement to the show.

Have a Game Night Together

Have a Game Night TogetherIf you are really into a funny moment and you want to make your date night more exciting, arrange a game night together. Choose short games where the winning is not a long-term process. If you choose a game that needs a lot of time to finish, both of you might get bored and lost the fun you are seeking. Include games like solving puzzles, various card game, Pictionary game, Shoot the Balloons or the one you are planning for. You do have to focus on the winning part too much, just focus on the fun.

Date Night Ideas for Married Couples

Date Night Ideas for Married CouplesMaybe you are married for a year or two. Or may perhaps it’s been ten or twenty years since you two got married. No matter what is the time a life without dating is somewhat dull and less amusing. If you are a married couple and your life seems bored, it is time to get ready for a romantic date night.

Dinner at a Restaurant That Requires Reservations

Dinner at a Restaurant That Requires ReservationsReserving a table in a high-class fancy restaurant requires both money and passion. 9 out 10, these high-class restaurants need a reservation. Reservation time maybe one day, one week or can be a month. If you can manage that, taking dinner and talking to your heart is most the best thing you ever wanted for a long time.

Go To the Opera

Go To the OperaOpera! Some may seem it is an inappropriate place for a romantic date. In my opinion, if you never been to opera before, you have a missed a significant cultural event. You can trust me on this. The opera first started its journey more than a century ago, and it is still there. Don’t you think there is a reason for that? If you want to impress your partner, tell them the origin of Opera. If your partner is someone who loves history and culture, he/she will push you to pay a visit to opera.

Go Camping

Go CampingIf you are bored with your city life and want to get out of the crowd for a while, camping can be an ideal choice. Reserving an excellent camping spot can be little time to consume and hard, but still, the effort is worth it. You will not only enjoy the freedom but also have peace in mind. Almost all good quality camping site does not just offer sleeping solution but also provide hunting, fishing and kayaking opportunities. If you love fishing and you want to save some cash, bring your own fishing equipment. Do not worry if you think; this would be a burden for you. You will be able to hire whatever you need there.

Watch Your Wedding Videos Together

Tired of watching all those Netflix and Redbox shows and searching for something new so that two of you can enjoy the moment? Well, the solution is within your reach. Why not bring those wedding videos you made together?

While this one is a very simple date night idea, it can be crazy romantic too. All those memories can also bring back the love you both are missing for a while.

Have a Night out Stargazing

Have a night out StargazingWho does not love night sky? The idea here is to bring the flux full of your favorite drink, homemade dinner and cozy blankets and pass the whole night under the sky. Make sure you have a day when the sky is completely clear. Stargazing seems a bit of weird to some people, but trust me. You will enjoy the whole night, and most probably you will never forget such an experience.


Date night is important for a relationship. To keep it exciting and healthy occasional date night is highly essential. After a couple of years of a relationship, we all forget to make times for one who deserves it most. The results are also uninspiring and sometimes destructive. But we never fail to blame our busy lives for this.

It does not take a mountain to win to make some time for the loved one. So, whenever you get the chance do not hesitate to use any of these ideas to create a wonderful date night experience. Happy Date Night!

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