Comfortable Work Shoes

More than 80% people suffer from different types of foot associated troubles which could have been easily avoided if they wore the right pair of shoes. This not only causes the problem in their feet but also in their Lower back. This problem is particularly common among working people who work long hours in the same uncomfortable shoes. No wonder foot massage is so popular these days.

A good pair of shoes can get you rid of all these troubles in the blink of an eye. You just need to have the right size, shape, and materials to keep you going. You’d be amazed to see the difference. Doctors always recommend comfortable types of equipment and gadgets while working and comfortable work shoes should be on top of the list. I the causes include wearing improper footwear, walking on hard surfaces for long periods of time, developing sports injuries or being overweight.

People That Suffer from Uncomfortable Shoes

There are some people who are specifically prone to foot-related injuries. Make sure that you are not one of them from the list below;

Sports Person

Sports people are particularly prone to this. They do not get enough activity moderated shoes. But, they are the ones who spend the most amount of time on the field.

Over Weight Person

Over Weight, people need special attention at when it comes to footwear. Their body weight is often not properly distributed. So, as a result, their feet are not suited to balance so much weight. This causes trouble if he/she does not have the right pair of shoes.

People with Long Working Hours

When you work long hours without proper breaks in between, your body starts to lose to gravity. This causes a big problem if your shoes are not comfortable enough. Your feet get more and more pressure as the day gets longer.

Field Workers

They are probably the main Sufferer. They spend their times on hard soil and have to travel a lot on feet. This can be very troublesome if he is not ready with a comfortable pair of shoes.

Cubicle Workers

You might not believe it, but, Cubicle Workers are also the ones with most injuries.  By sitting in the same place they endure RSI which can be harmful to them in the long run.

Regular Joggers

People who like to run the mile should really look after the shoe that they are using. If they are heading for a shoe that is not very comfortable for them, it would end in disaster as they will get feet blisters.

Importance of Comfortable Work Shoes

There are some direct benefits of wearing comfortable shoes. Maybe these will motivate you to get a comfortable pair

Avoiding Any Kind of Blisters

You can get rid of the blisters by getting yourself a good pair of shoes. Uncomfortable shoes will cause and pop the blisters like fireworks. So, you need to have the right pair to avoid this pain.

Prevent Nerve Damages

Wearing the wrong pair might because you nerve damage in the long run. It keeps your muscles in a specific amount of pressure throughout the time which ultimately results in nerve damages.

Avoid Bone Injuries and Muscle Cramps

Your feet can take a certain amount of pressure. So, when you put it in a space that puts more pressure, eventually your muscle is going to give up. You will incur some serious muscle damages.

Stabilize the Movement of Your Body

It stabilizes the movements of your body and gives you more balance. Whenever you are not using a comfortable shoe, you are getting off balance. Wearing good shoes helps you to walk better and stay in balance.

Provide You with Enough Comfort

As the name suggests, comfortable shoes are for comfort. You will not be able to enjoy comfort if you don’t the comfortable shoes in your feet. This makes your life a whole lot easier and fun.

What makes a Shoe Comfortable?

A comfortable shoe must have the following characteristics. You can only call them comfortable if they have the following features;

Space inside the Shoes

You need to make sure that the shoes have enough room inside. The more room it has, the better it will be for your feet as you would be able to enjoy relaxed muscles.

Good Materials

A good shoe always starts with good materials. Make sure that your shoe is made of breathable materials and does not create too much-trapped heat.

Comfortable Heel Caps

You should choose a shoe that has a comfortable heel cap structure. It will give you the right balance that you need while also maintaining your overall posture.

Good and Relaxed Grip

Make sure that your shoe does not grip your feet too tightly. The grip should be firm and relaxed so that you can walk with more speed.

Good Foam Sole Structure

A good sole is a pre-requisite of a good shoe. The sole gives you balance, comfort and ease. You need to make sure that the sole is soft and firm.

Well-Structured Design

Your shoes should be designed in such a way that it goes swiftly with your feet. Avoid buying anything too stiff or too tight for your feet. Go for the ones that are designed according to your feet.

Outer Grip of the Surface

The outer grip is also a very important factor. You must ensure that the shoes are tightly gripping on to the surface. Otherwise, you will slip and won’t have proper ways to maintain balance.

Comfortable Work Shoes for Men

for menLet’s look at some of the most wildly comfortable shoes for men. These are designed while giving comfort the utmost priority.

Clarks Men’s Escalade Step Slip-on Loafer

If you want to go simplistic with your look but let the comfort speak for you then you need to go with this pair. This is an office-friendly version of high-class shoes made from a special leather. The easy-care materials allow the user to enjoy superior comfort and the sole of the shoes also feel like butter.

ECCO Men’s New Jersey Slip-On Loafer

Another great classic piece by ECCO, this piece offers you comfort like no other. It does not give a lot of attention to the detailing but if you are looking for all-day comfort then there cannot be a better model. It has specially designed absorption mechanism which moderates the heat. Plus, it gives the user enough room inside the shoes.

Rockport Bike Slip-On Loafer

When you want to go casual in style but also want to have that signature ECCO comfort then you should go for this pair. It offers you the right design with the right comfort. It has soft edges that give you enough balance plus it has good detailing as well. The sole is firm and soft so you can go miles and miles with this Slip-On Loafer.

Klogs Footwear Arbor

If you are one of that person who likes to maintain a professional look no matter where he is then this pair will suit you perfectly. This model gives the user the right amount of grip to keep them balanced yet the right amount of comfort so that they can stand all day without even worrying. The footed is designed in a removable fashion to get rid of all the extra heat.

Skechers the Search Slip-On Loafer

When you are expecting something on the more casual side, you can opt for this pair. It gives you a softer edge in each corner and allows you to work for longer period of time. This pair is designed with multiple layers of padding that keeps your feet soft and subtle throughout the days. The extra layers of foam allow your feet to dive into the right position and maintain that posture.

Skechers Mcallen Slip-On

When you are a professional in work and have the certain dress code to maintain, you need this pair. This allows you to maintain your dress code but at the same time, enjoy an unparalleled level of comfort as well. The design of the shoe is very elegant which makes it more attractive for professional users. You can call it a cross between a croc and an uber-formal shoe.

Dansko Walker Shoe

When you want a shoe that will be very versatile in, you can go for this pair. You can wear it on casual occasions as well as informal occasions. The firm foam on the bottom and the relaxed materials of the shoes keeps you going. The easy breathable materials prevent the shoe from heating up while the heel caps give you the right balance.

Comfortable Work Shoes for Woman

for womenWomen are also in dire need for the right comfort shoes. So, here are some of the best comfortable shoes in the market right now for women.

Clarks Women’s May Marigold Slip-On Loafer

Not only does this slipper look slick in design but it is also high performing as well. When your feet need extra care, you can opt for this pair. The shoe comes in multiple colors so you can get your style right. The foam is very moist and subtle, giving you just the right amount of elegant touch. The 2-inch heel provides you with the right height so that you can work all day in pride

Skechers Air Slip Resistant Lace-Up Shoe

This is the ultimate shoe for the millennials. When you need the comfort of the loafer and the style of an elegant shoe, you can surely go for this pair. The shoes are well designed and are packed with tons of layer of padding which protects your feet. The breathable materials prevent the inside of the shoes from heating up and the solid grip gives you enough balance to run on these shoes.

Clarks Women’s Everlay Coda Flat

This is a pair of shoe that every simple woman at their heart will like. If you do not want exaggerated details and funky style and simply care for the performance and comfort of your shoes then this is the best model for you. The loop straps make the shoe easy to wear while the heels give your enough pace. The padding is air light so you won’t even feel like you are wearing a shoe.

Rockport Cobb Hill Women’s Parker CH Flat

When you want uber class and ultra-design but you know how important comfort is at the same time, this is the pair for you. By the outer look and the design, you will not think that this is a shoe for the working woman. But, when you slip into this shoe, you will start to complement the beauty of this shoe. It has the feel of a designer shoe and the feel of a loafer.

Grasshoppers Women’s Windham Slip-On Flat

If your office does not practice strict dress code then this pair can be your best bet. This semi-formal women’s shoe gives you ample room inside the shoe for you to move around. It does not provide excess pressure on your feet but the grip is very firm. The breathable leather materials and the finishing of the shoe is also top class. The odor controlling feature is also appreciable.

Dansko Women’s Abigail Flat

Dansko has been a top shoe seller in the market who highly prides on the innovative feature of their shoes. This pair is no exception. The Signature leather design with the easy slip-on feature is really something to behold. This pair is specifically designed for the woman who works all day long and needs a breathable and easy to move around kind of shoe. The dense footbed is also a major feature of this shoe.

Clarks Women’s Paz Slip-On Loafer

This classic shoe design comes with a modern twist. Design wise, the shoe might seem like a very casual wear but actually, it has more comfort value. The triple-layered padding is great for long working hours and the fabric lining of this shoe is great for bringing out your elegant vibe. The shock absorbent materials keep your feet from getting muscle cramps and also give you the right balance.


Having a comfortable shoe is as important as having a comfortable bed. You spend a huge chunk of your day wearing that shoe so you should choose a shoe that is biennial for your feet. If you do not opt for a comfortable shoe, you will suffer from long-term health consequences of your feet. So, to avoid future muscle injury and to get yourself comfortable in the working hours, you should go for a very comfortable shoe for yourself.

conclusionWe hope that we were able to convey our message to you. If you still have any confusion regarding this article, be sure to get in touch with us and we will get back to you as soon as possible. With that note, we would like to bid farewell.

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