A Gift is something that we want simple yet so eye-catching that will greatly surprise the receiver. Whenever an occasion approach is a birthday or anniversary, we started looking for an attractive gift. But the challenge is the gift market is saturated with hundreds of Gift items. So, finding the right product is difficult. Below we have described a list of 10 creative gift ideas to narrow down your search for a beautiful gift and present it to your loved ones.

Octopus Mug

This is a pink ceramic mug. If your friend or colleague is a fan of the undersea world, he will be delighted getting this mug. This mug is not a mere decorative item. You can use the mug to hold your favorite beverage like tea, coffee, cold drinks and drink it. Although the mug is not suitable for microwave heating its unique feature-octopus like tentacles is the main selling point. 

Flamingo(LED) Lamp

Do your boyfriend is a nature lover? Watching birds is his favorite pastime activity? If this is the case, present him with this beautiful flamingo LED lamp. Flamingo exists in different continents including America, Europe, Asia, and Africa as well. The bird is characterized by its beautiful pink color. This gift can be used places like bedroom as a night light, to an office lamp, to party decoration, or even just in the living room. The price of the lamp is also below $10 making it a highly affordable gift.

Toilet Nightlight 

Woken up in the middle of the night is not unusual. But switching on a bright light inside the toilet is irritating. So, here comes this toilet night. The light is not so illuminating that it will cause blindfolding but bright enough to see your toilet bowl. This toilet light is available in seven different colors. Pick the one that suits your taste and personality.

Travel Pillow

Is your friends a busy business traveler? Does he frequently travel a long distance on a plane, bus or train? It means he may not get enough sleep causing him feeling drowsy and uncomfortable throughout the day. To ensure his getting enough sleep while he is traveling, present him this travel pillow. He must appreciate the gift because the product is more of a wrap than an actual pillow. The pillow will comfortably wrap around your neck. The wrapping pressure will not be so hard that may cause asphyxiation. According to the manufacturer of this product, this blanket/pillow/whatever is “scientifically proven” to keep your head at the proper position and prevent neck aches.

Gold bitcoin

People have much interest in cryptocurrency bitcoin. It is a virtual currency that is intangible. Bitcoin will dominate the currency world in the current century thanks to robust security and the ease of financial transactions. However, there are some gold plated beautifully crafted replica of bitcoins are available in the market. Bitcoin is extremely valuable. One bitcoin is equivalent to over USD 8,600. So, fake bitcoin becomes an extremely popular gift item since the gift receiver momentarily thinks that becomes rich overnight.

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