He shou wu

Chinese herbs have a history of myths and mysteries. He shou wu is no different from that. Fo-ti or, popularly known as He shou wu grows in the regions of southern and central China. The scientific name of this herb is polygonum multiflorum. People mainly use this root for making medicine. This herb has much traditional healing uses particularly for hair health.

You have to take this herb by mouth. The herb helps to treat or prevent conditions like aging, cancer, coronary illness, and memory issues. It is also useful for skin injuries, carbuncles, skin ejections, and itching. Yet, there is not enough logical proof to help these issues. He shou wu extract is famous for its use as an ingredient in hair and skin care products.

How does He Shou Wu work?

He shou wu is a contemporary of numerous other recuperating herbs covered in legend. This incorporates others like ginseng, cistanche, and even chaga mushroom.

And keeping in mind that the advantages they have for well-being may appear as though they achieve amazing magnitude, every one of them shares one extremely straightforward thing for all intents and purpose—and it’s in charge of the main part of their powers. So, he shou wu is wealthy in anti-oxidants.

The astonishing phytochemicals that you will find in foods, vegetables, and superfoods. You can find this in numerous types in He shou wu also.

Anti-oxidants, more or less, scavenge free radicals that advance sickness, degeneration, aging, and weakness in the body. Normally, they help secure tissues, organs and practically everything else from degrading or breaking down too rapidly.

Actually, taking a lot of anti-oxidants—particularly those from He shou wu—can shield the body from degeneration and aging in a heap of ways.

This incorporates cells and tissues that include hair development, and in addition hair itself.

Benefits and uses of He Shou Wu

The fo-ti or he shou wu has become popular for many health benefits especially with their connection in hair growth. There are many stories, legends or myths about this herb. But, nothing is more interesting than the story about hair development.

One legend about He shou wu has it that a man in his old days, down on his luckiness, found the herbal root while alone in the forested areas.

Charmed by the plant, he set it up, devoured it, and in half a month discovered his energetic life, vitality, and—most outstandingly—his thick head of hair returning as though he were youthful once more.

Another popular story about He shou wu, wreathed in legend, holds that another man who took the herb could live in great wellbeing to the age of 252 years.

In spite of the fact that this is dubious, adherents, records, and storytellers commented on his energetic appearance regardless of his maturity, including his full and solid hair. Today, these anecdotes about he shou wu are a mystery—however, they do foretell a considerable amount about what the herb can do for hair health in reality.

Based on these legends and numerous different stories, in some Asian healing traditions he shou wu turned into a staple recuperating herb.

In present times, it’s turned into a well-known enhancement and tonic, yet not simply in Asian nations. It is additionally spread toward the western world for its capacities to enhance hair health and now utilized everywhere throughout the globe.

But, because of numerous other conventional utilizations and other logical disclosures, he shou wu is an herb well-known for much more than just hair health.


In recent years several scientific research has affirmed the myth that He Shou Wu fortifies the body to deliver lifespan advancing substances. The most important substance it has been appeared to stimulate is superoxide dismutase, the strongest anti-oxidant and scavenger free radical found in the human body.

Various investigations found a connection between superoxide dismutase and an expanded life expectancy. This cell reinforcement additionally represses the MAO-B chemicals, a group of compounds which ties to the external film of mitochondria. This procedure battles oxidative pressure and has been appeared to result in great medical advantages and life-augmentation.

Blood tonifier

A famous Chinese medicinal term is tonification. It alludes to the stimulating of a specific part or component of the body. He Shou Wu or fo-ti has been shown to help reinforce the films of red platelets and furthermore advance their development.

Protection from disease

An amazing measure of pharmacological investigations indicates solid proof for He Shou Wu’s treatment of different restorative conditions and sicknesses, for example, liver damage, growth, diabetes, alopecia, atherosclerosis, and even neurodegenerative ailments.

This is expected, to some degree, to He Shou Wu’s calming properties; it has been appeared to hinder the outflow of the absolute most noticeable ace incendiary flagging elements in the body.

Another advantage of He Shou Wu’s incitement of superoxide dismutase (SOD) action in this free extreme scrounger slaughters hurtful oxygen atoms in cells which may have made harm tissues. By taking He Shou Wu consistently, you are expanding your cell reinforcement levels and shielding yourself from illness.

Libido booster and sexual health tonic

He Shou Wu or, fo-ti is intense, yet incomprehensibly delicate, aphrodisiac and sexual tonic. Known as a kidney Jing tonic, it animates and blends adrenal organ work and advances general endocrine framework balance. Jing, in the Chinese Medicine custom, freely means ‘vital essence’ and alludes to the primordial vitality that energizes all life and, by augmentation, our sexuality, and drives. Fo-Ti attempts to expand kidney/adrenal Jing, which is the place this vitality is stored in the body. This additionally has the additional advantage of fitting, adjusting, and eventually calming the sensory system, making He Shou Wu a superb tonic for those confronting burnout or under large amounts of pressure.

Wealthy in iron and zinc—two difficult to-get basic minerals—He shou wu is a top of the line blood developer and cell proliferant. There are various mixes in the plant that improve course, reinforce red platelet films and empower blood-producing hematopoietic undifferentiated organisms. He shou wu likewise ensures and keeps up the basic trustworthiness of the liver, enhances cerebrum capacity and memory, and improves invulnerable framework working in people and different warm-blooded creatures.

Lowered stress levels

He Shou Wu is thought to be an ‘adaptogen,’ which is an herb that works with your body to make equalization and amicability, contrasted with ‘mimetic’ herbs which supplant or improve a specific capacity.

Customary Chinese medicine additionally relates how He shou wu can empower our natural capacities, motivating profound mindfulness, inventiveness, and uplifted instinctive direction.

There are many more areas where He shou wu extract can be used as a healer. But, the more scientific evidence is needed to rate the effectiveness of He shou wu for the use in those cases.

  • Age-related memory issues
  • Problems with liver and kidney
  • High cholesterol
  • Insomnia
  • Lower back and knee soreness
  • Premature Graying
  • Dizziness

How Does He Shou Wu Especially Benefit Hair Health?

There are heaps of hypotheses for how he shou wu straightforwardly benefits hair health and development.

One of these is that it reinforces red platelets, along these lines conveying better bloodstream to hair follicles. This interfaces with He shou wu’s notoriety for being a ‘blood developer.’

Another logical hypothesis ties once again into its anti-oxidant potential, asserting that the decrease of free radicals implies that hair follicles are allowed to recover all the more proficiently, subsequently prompt thicker and more quickly developing hair.

As it were, every one of these speculations is valid.

Despite the fact that most astoundingly, think about show most grounded of everything that he shou wu seems to change hair follicles from harmed, torpid stages into restored, quickly developing ones that better take after hair growth patterns in the youth.

In addition, he shou wu achieves this in many ways—and these all theories are presently supported by and being further discovered by scientific research.

Promotes faster and thicker hair growth

More than some other part of hair wellbeing, there have been a lot of studies investigating He shou wu’s capacity to really increment and empower hair development.

In a recent report, for instance, they give a subject for a topical utilization of the herb. Hair development is thicker and quicker. While hair follicles expand in both size and sum following the application.

The examination likewise settled that this expansion in hair development could indicate the change in the ‘developing stage’ of the hair follicle itself. The herb’s application may have energized this.

All the more particularly, he shou wu exchanged the follicle developing stage from the telogen stage to anagen stage. This implies, rather than follicles being in the period of shedding hair and going lethargic (and subsequently bald), they were rather rashly restored and invigorated to grow a radical new hair shaft.

In amazingly, one more examination in 2013, mixes separated from He shou wu were tried for hair development. Some of them indicated more noteworthy potential and accomplishment at empowering hair development than the control subject and even contrasted with subjects treated with an over-the-counter hair development trigger, minoxidil.

A recent report took things further, testing both topical and inside utilization of He shou wu to check whether they were compelling. Curiously, inward utilize gave off an impression of being more compelling than topical use, as far as both thickness and speed in which new hair developed.

In outline, He shou wu’s hair development powers are so intense, and they could work both topically or inside.

What’s more, they don’t just seem to expand hair development, yet in addition the real thickness and wellbeing of the hair shaft itself.

Strengthens hair health and structure

In the examinations in the past area, obviously, this incredible herb doesn’t simply build the development of hair—it likewise empowers thickness, quality, and length of the hair itself. By and by, this might be because He shou wu’s defensive anti-oxidant content.

By shielding hair follicles from free extreme harm, this exploration showed that hair really expanded in size and perimeter, not simply number.

In spite of the fact that notwithstanding this, a close investigation of the herb demonstrates that it’s additionally wealthy in minerals. This incorporates iron, zinc, copper, and manganese.

Iron and zinc are both vital minerals for empowering sound hair development and quality. All things considered, he shou wu likewise gives the additional advantage of giving a portion of the specific nourishment that guarantees solid, sound looking secures in any case.

Helps with hair loss conditions

Needing better hair development and wellbeing can be a test for anybody, including individuals who are perfectly healthy generally.

What’s far and away superior is that He shou wu can give better hair to individuals with conditions identified with male pattern baldness.

This can extend from straightforward, gentle health conditions like male or female example hairlessness, male pattern baldness with age, or even supplement insufficiencies, the distance to more significant male pattern baldness issue, for example, alopecia, an immune system issue.

A 2013’s examination on He shou wu for hair development called attention to its conceivable handiness for alopecia. Then again, the herb’s investigation in 2011 was to find medicines for sparseness and male pattern baldness.

Therefore, the inexplicable Chinese herb isn’t simply saved for the individuals who need better hair development—it could likewise be an awesome solution for the individuals who require it.

Help to restore hair color

Studies propose that He shou wu could make things even a stride promote past better hair development and wellbeing.

For individuals with turning gray hair, utilizing He shou wu may really help reestablish one’s more youthful hair shading, regardless of the shading.

A recent report demonstrated that the herb had extraordinary impacts in reestablishing hair shading in guineas pigs with turning a gray hair. However, this is for individuals with dark hair.

Further, the rawest concentrates of He shou wu seemed, by all accounts, to be the best at reestablishing shading.

In China, for quite some time they utilized the herb for helping individuals recover their more energetic mane shading. However, once more, this demonstrates the herb may just be powerful for people with darker hair color and could accordingly be less successful for blondes.

Consequently, take alert if utilizing He shou wu to reestablish young hair shading in lighter-hued hair composes.

How to use He shou wu for maximum benefit?

He Shou Wu is interesting in that it must be set up in a more detailed process than different herbs so as to make it compelling for the above employment. As the centuries progressed long procedure of refinement, Daoist cultivators found that the He shou wu root must be first cooked in a stew of dark beans to catalytically initiate its coveted advantages. Logically, this procedure has the impact of rendering certain constituents of the plant latent and actuating others in a mind-boggling arrangement of concoction responses between the warmth and the different supplements in dark beans.

As a dependable guideline, all He Shou Wu should, as a matter of course, be set up along these lines; however, if you don’t see it unequivocally specified in the item writing, ask further no doubt.

Likewise with any herb, quality, virtue, and strength are absolutely critical. In that capacity, search for natural, wildcrafted, or credible ‘Di Tao’ marked herbs, as these have a tendency to be of the most astounding quality.

He shou wu has a charming, mellow, marginally sweet taste, making it a perfect herb to devour as a tea, tincture, or essentially blended in a glass of water. Be that as it may, cases are a suitable choice also on the off chance that you just can’t stand the essence of powdered herbs.

In spite of the fact that it is constantly prescribed to take it inside for most extreme advantage, those intrigued by its hair development animating properties and advantages of He shou wu may also rub the powdered herb straightforwardly into the scalp subsequent to blending with water or oil for a more profound impact.

Some recommended products of He shou wu

You can find He Shou Wu or, Fo-ti in capsule frame or in powdered formula. This arrangement is basic. Sadly, not every single herbal wholesaler is proficient about these complexities — and some could mindless, in any case.

Another approach to ensure you are maximizing your He Shou Wu is to accept it with raw nectar as it ‘accelerates the conveyance of the dynamic substances to the body, in addition to it assists with the assimilation of the supplements on a cell level.’ Some recommended products of He shou wu

Sun Potion

Sun Potion is an 80g powdered form of He shou wu. It is 10:1 extract root powder. It is to use for restoring hair color, improving immunity system, boosting energy and stamina. Sun potion has manufactured this He shou wu herbal supplement.


  • Superior blood and longevity tonic
  • Help reducing cholesterol
  • Wildcrafted in the ‘Di tao’ region in China

Dragon herb’s He shou wu

Dragon herb’s He shou wu comes in capsule form. The 450mg of the bottle contains 100 capsules. Dragon herb is its manufacturer.


  • To make this product they use the highest quality Sichuan Polygonum multiflorum roots
  • Rich in vitamins and minerals
  • Offers money back guarantee

The whole root He shou wu

The whole root He shou wu is He shou wu liquid extract for musculoskeletal system support. It comes in 30ml or 1 fluid ounce form. Herb Pharm has manufactured this product.


  • Gluten-free and non-GMO
  • Quickly absorbed liquid extract
  • Prepared from the dried Fo-ti plant roots


The appropriate dosage of He shou wu relies upon a few factors. For example, the client’s age, wellbeing, and a few different conditions. Right now there isn’t sufficient logical data to decide a fitting scope of measurements for He shou wu. Remember that regular items are not in every case fundamentally safe and doses can be vital. Make certain to pursue applicable headings on item marks. And counsel your drug specialist or doctor or other healthcare professionals before utilizing.

Side effects and interactions

He shou wu_supplement facts_1The He shou wu plant is surprisingly safe. And people has been utilizing it without genuine reactions for a great many years. In any case, a few people report that at higher doses of the plant, they have seen stomach upsets. Like any medicinal plant, excessive use is not good. In most of the cases, lower dosages are enough.

There is a couple of safety measures and interactions with He Shou Wu to think about. However, if you are in doubt about potential interactions with pharmaceutical drugs. Counsel your specialist or naturopath for further direction. As we have said already, dependably utilize the appropriately prepared plant root for most extreme security.

Some medicines that might interact with He shou wu are the following:

  • Digoxin or Lanoxin interacts with He shou wu.
  • Medications changed by the liver. Such as Cytochrome P450 1A2 (CYP 1A2) substrates, Cytochrome P450 2C19 (CYP 2C19) substrates interact, Cytochrome P450 2C9 (CYP 2C9) substrates, Cytochrome P450 3A4 (CYP 3A4) substrates interact with He shou wu.
  • Anti-diabetes drugs interact with He shou wu.
  • Stimulant laxatives interact with He shou wu.
  • Warfarin or Coumadin interacts with He shou wu.
  • Diuretic drugs or water pills interact with He shou wu.

He Shou Wu is a genuinely lovely tasting herb as things go. That makes it genuinely flexible and simple to utilize. Making a warm tea is an awesome method to consolidate the herb into your day by day schedule. You can just add the root powder to some warm/somewhat high temp water or utilize a tea sack.

In the event that you want to take cases or tincture, just do as such whenever it might suit you. A few people discover the herb unwinding and will need to take it during the evening. Others discover it gently elevating and marginally stimulating, will need to take it prior in the day.

You can blend the root powder with oils. It is useful for balding and hair regrowth. Although you don’t need to take it inside for this reason.

Many reports have claimed that it is possibly unsafe to take by mouth. Because of worries that it may damage the liver in both grown-ups and kids. In several reports, it is a cause of liver damage.

There isn’t sufficient data accessible to know whether He shou wu is safe in direct application to the skin.

Warnings and special precautions

  • Strongly recommended against the child’ use. Several reports of liver damage have linked He shou wu use including a case of five-year-old.
  • Some laxative compounds of He shou wu may pass into breast milk and cause diarrhea to infants. So, it is not safe to use He shou wu during pregnancy and breastfeeding.
  • He shou wu may affect the blood sugar level in diabetic patients.
  • He shou wu extract may act like estrogen. It may make things worse in hormone-sensitive conditions. Such as breast cancer, uterine cancer, ovarian cancer, endometriosis, or uterine fibroids.
  • Stop using He shou wu prior two weeks before any scheduled surgery.


The legend or the myth of He shou wu has become more real in recent pasts. As it is becoming more popular in the Western world. The scientific research is yet to prove the real benefits and the healing effects this herb have. But, the users of He shou wu believe that this polygonum multiflorum root has many magic tricks to reveal. We strongly recommend consulting with your doctor or health care professional prior using He shou wu.

Safe and effective use

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