Different Clothing Styles for Teenage Guys

Grooming comes with age. As we grow up, we tend to take into account all the fashion trends, how we look and what is the ‘new cool’. Of course your attire is the focal point of your personality and the first impression you make. Style is what matters the most, along with other details depending on how picky you are and what makes your eyes glimmer more than usual. This is the ultimate guide to different clothing styles for teenage guys so they can rock the streets and become the definition of sass.

Billboards, internet ads and TV commercials are loaded with outfit ideas for teenage guys. The problem, however, arises when it’s time to choose the perfect combination from this mayhem of ideas and options. This guide will take you, step by step, through the dos and don’ts of latest fashion and styles.

  1. Hairstyle


Getting the right hairstyle is pro-tip number one. Boys tend to go along with whatever hairstyles are posted in the latest fashion magazines. The reason those models look so brilliant in certain hairstyles is because they suit their face. Your hair is a key element in your looks. Getting the right style for your hair is the foremost important rule on the road to being stylish. Your hair should complement your facial features and your overall look. For this, you need to find a good, professional hair artist who understands your face cuts and gets the perfect look for your hair.

  1. Colors


A fashionable young boy is the one who knows and understands the impact of colors and their combinations with clothing. This mainly depends on your complexion. Like getting the right hairstyle is crucial, filling your wardrobe with the right colors is also a mandatory step towards being stylish. First off, you need to determine what complexion your skin is. The three major categories are fair or pale, olive or medium tone, and dark. Once that is done you can proceed to shopping the best colors for yourselves.

For a fair skin tone, your main goal should be to add some color to your skin. You have to enhance your features and hues of darker colors will do the job for you. Choose colors like grey, burgundy, green, royal, and navy blue are the perfect colors for you. You want to avoid plain white and also, bold colors like red: white will only make you look drained of color and red should be avoided if you have flush cheeks on a pale white skin. Go for shades of beige, sandy brown and khaki if you really want to make a statement with a light color palette.

If you have a warm complexion, more colors are open for selection. The recommended colors are towards darker shades – like magenta instead of mauve or bolder shades like crimson. These colors are warmer than neutral and will absolutely add a glow to your complexion. Try to avoid colors that are close to your skin color, for example if you have green undertones, going for an olive-colored outfit will not be a sensible choice as will merge with your skin and make you look flushed out.

Dark skin tone is the most versatile and can make any color and any tone stand out. From jade greens to navy blues, darker complexions can handle any color without the risk of giving the drained, out of color look. However, brown shouldn’t be the staple color pf your outfit as it can bleed into your skin tone and make your look dull. Playing around with colors is a plus but with a dark skin tone, you need to add in contrasts and suitable combinations to hold your scheme of clothing together as a young stylish teenage guy.

  1. Sleeve-length


This factor is mostly ignored by most teenagers. Trying to focus too much on the right color and the perfect matching pair of jeans, sleeve length is almost completely undermined, which can result in your otherwise perfectly chosen outfit, looking pretty dull. As a teenager, you need to keep your sleeves on the shorter side. Not too short, but short enough to show off those biceps while giving you a nice casual look. Full sleeves aren’t awful but they can give you a ‘nerdy’ not too stylish demeanor. Go for a three-quarter sleeve if you don’t feel like you can pull off a short-sleeved shirt. You’ll be able to make the best of a shirt only if it fits well just as how it should fit.

  1. Jeans and Shorts

Baggy shorts and sportswear which is too wide and long makes your legs look shorter. The illusion is created because of the short distance between the shorts and your footwear. Try wearing a pair of good length jeans that complement your legs and if you’re out for your regular run, make sure you get shorts that do not entirely cover up your knees.

  1. Accessorize


A good watch or trendy sunglasses can take your style game to a whole new level. While leather straps and neck chains can add a good touch to your outfit, try to avoid over-accessorizing with unnecessary bands and bracelets. A good piece of wristband is great but if it draws too much attention and drowns everything else you are wearing, you should probably avoid it. Do not go overboard and maintain a classy, trendy teenage look.

  1. Avoid overly-complex and repetitive patterns

Unless you know how to handle a maze of graphics on your shirt, avoid it. Shirts, cardigans or even trousers with a bold chaos of patterns is a huge no. A lot of polos and t-shirts have good small patterns and graphic designs and they are quite in fashion, but not every teenager can pull that off. Just to fit in and do what the trend says, you don’t have to go with these outfits if they are a bit too much. Stand out in your own way while still blending in with the trends, its stylish.

  1. Posture

No matter what brand you’re wearing and how expensive your outfit is, if your body doesn’t exude the right look, it’s of no use. Your lifted shoulders and straight back will automatically set your standard and show the world how you carry yourself. If you slouch, lean inwards and have a slow, lethargic pace, you will be taken as an under-confident individual.  Raise your head and keep your chest up to elevate yourself in the eyes of others without having to say anything at all.

  1. Confidence – know your worth


Some people look great in almost everything they wear. Do you know a friend who can wear the most casual looks and still win many hearts and turn every head in the room? That is because he is a confident young guy who embraces himself as who he is. Wearing a good outfit is one thing, but carrying it with confidence is another which is a huge factor that can make you stand out.

Now that you are familiar with different clothing styles for teenage guys in 2019, flaunt your style and feel good about yourself! However, if you are here to look for some ideas about what a guy likes, you can read our article on Gift Ideas For Boys.

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