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Giving someone a gift is spontaneous. It comes from the heart. You give gifts willingly without expecting anything in return. But you get invaluable self-gratification that cannot be measured by monetary value. Perhaps there is no better way to appreciate someone than giving a gift. You can give a gift as an appreciation to your father, mother, sister, brother. In this article, we will discuss gifts for a brother that may help you to select a beautiful gift for him.

Gift Ideas for brother

Are you looking for a gift for your brother that will make him smile? Here is a list of gift items with 2 different price categories so that you can purchase the one within your budget. Our two categories include:

  • Price under $20
  • Price $20 to $50

Price Under $20

MR Grumpy Mug

This is a ceramic mug featuring an image of Mr, Grumpy with a fitting quote “ Grumpy by name, and even more Grumpy by nature.”

Virtual reality headset

Down the load and this portable headset is ready to go. The app contains videos and you can also play games from your phone using the headset. Measuring 5cm wide this device is ideal for traveling and is compatible with any smartphone.

Cactus desktop organizer

Cactus desktop organizerThis is a gorgeous green color cactus style desktop organizer. A user can put pens, pencils, and stationary and even it has a magnetic holder for the paperclip and building clips.

Giant hip flask

This flask is made from brushed stainless steel and specially designed to hold alcoholic drinks but not suitable for acidic drinks, for example, fruit juices and cordials. It can hold over three pints and is ideal for a long journey.

Henry desk vacuum cleaner

This a great vacuum cleaner to make dust free of your desk and keyboard. This easy to use cleaner also features a handy crevice tool to help clean corners.

Price $20 to $50

Mini arcade machine

This is a cool console which features 240 classic games ranging from sports and puzzles to shooting and Rocketman. It comes with 5 cm LCD screen and built-in speakers.

Ceramic balloon lamp

Ceramic balloon lampThis mood enhancer balloon lamp is made from fine white Chinese porcelain. The lamp emits an ambient, subtle glow.

Spy clock

spy clockThis is a great spy clock which comes with a hidden camera in the clock face and is entirely motion-activated. It is capable of catching any strange goings-on. Its other features include 4 GB memory SD card( can be increased up to 32GB capacity) 6.5 cm diameter screen.

Magnetic Bluetooth wireless headphones

You can enjoy six hours of listening while commuting or exercising with these magnetic Bluetooth earphones. They offer precise sound and come with a tangle-free cable.

Star Wars tie fighter posable desk lamp

This is an amazing Star Wars lamp. It features an adjustable arm to help find the perfect angle.

Christmas Gift Ideas for Brother

You may have a hard time deciding on what to give your brother this coming Christmas. Although you know your brother for your entire life buying something for him is difficult because he is a straightforward guy. If he does not like anything he will not hesitate to express it directly. Here, we have compiled 10 best Christmas gifts for your brother.

Fitness tracker

A fitness tracker would be a cool gift for your brother which will help him to stay fit. It will provide him with many vital health-related statistics, for example, heart rate, calories burnt. It also features GPS functionality and displays text messages.


cologneEnhance your brother’s confidence with an amazing smelling cologne. A great smelling cologne will also help someone feel better.


ClothesThis Christmas would be an opportunity to freshen up your brother’s wardrobe. If things are that your brother has already more clothes than he needs, then a nice-looking pair of shoes would be a better fit.

Tool Set

A basic tool set is quite handy for doing many DIY tasks. Even a small tool set has many useful tools, for example, hammer, screwdrivers, wrenches, and pliers that will help him taking care of small fixes around his home. If you assume that he already has the basic sets, purchase a socket set or use power tools to help him with home improvement projects.


Drone is a new toy that is fun for all ages. This toy is gaining popularity rapidly and drone piloting could be an enjoyable hobby for your brother. There are drones available that are capable of taking gorgeous high-definition images and videos. But as a starter, buying a drone with a small budget is a good idea because it helps him to learn basics flying his new toy.

Fashionable watch

fashion watchAny outfit remains incomplete without a fashionable watch. Your brother will appreciate the gift since it will allow him to check the time without having to pull out his phone. There are a  variety of watch styles in the market featuring either leather or metal wristbands.

Touchscreen Gloves

This will be a very useful gift for your brother this winter. These touchscreen globes are pretty handy while you are traveling.

Alpine division iPhone Wallet case

Alpine division iPhone Wallet caseYour brother will appreciate this compact case since this case is pretty useful to keep phone, cash, and cards.

Chocolate box

chocolate imageIf your brother loves chocolate, a box of chocolate may be the best gift for him.

Birthday gift ideas for Brothers

A person’s birthday is a special milestone that is celebrated every year. A one-year-old to people in 90’s can celebrate a birthday. Birthday is a great occasion to make your brother feel special. Below are a few gifts for a brother from sister ideas.

Men’s backpack

BackpackThis backpack is pretty useful whether your brother is an office worker or college going, student. It can carry almost all useful things for example papers, book, notebook, earphone, pen etc.

Multifunctional laptop table

This laptop table would be pretty useful if your brother works on a laptop while lying on the bed. This table helps to sit in a good posture and work comfortably.

Canon DSLR camera

You may think while every phone can be used as a camera so why this stuff? Yes, you are not wrong. But canon DSLR comes with many more tools and give high definition images that your brother’s cell phone camera cannot imagine.

Sandwich maker

With this cooking appliance, your brother will cook his breakfast in just 5 minutes. He will cook delicious breakfast sandwiches using fresh ingredients such as eggs, cheese. In addition, he is able to make biscuits, small bagels, English muffins and much more.


sunglassesIf your brother is a sports enthusiasts or loves playing outdoor games such as golf, cycling, fishing or driving then sunglasses would be a great gift for him.

Duffel Bag

Duffel BagWatching his physique, you may feel that your brother needs to go to a gym. You need to encourage him. But sometimes words or advice does not work. So, the best way is giving a gift like duffel bag that will encourage him to go to the gymnasium.


Giving a gift is important for multiple reasons. The number of reasons includes to appreciate someone special, to remember, to say thanks, to keep in touch, to celebrate a birthday, to apologies. The most conclusive reason for giving a gift is to appreciate someone special. In this article, we have discussed gift ideas for your brother including some special occasions for example birthday, and Christmas. Pick one and send a Christmas gift to your beloved brother.

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