Like Christmas or Easter, Halloween is a festival that kids enjoy to the fullest. It is pleasing for every parent to see their child in their favorite costumes. Halloween costumes for toddlers require a good balance between cuteness and spookiness.
If you are looking to make your toddler the centerpiece of the festival, here are amazing Halloween costume ideas for you:

1. Spooky Spider

This black tight costume enables your toddler to strike amazing poses. Not only can you use this during Halloween but in cosplay parties as well. The best part is that it has a web hanging from behind that gives it a realistic look.

Source: prettyplainjanes.com

2. Ghoulish Ghost

This costume is really easy to make. No wonder it is one of the most popular ideas out there. Just take an old bedsheet, make two big holes in it for the eyes and put it over your toddler. You can add additional props or paint the bedsheet with different colors for a more realistic look. Here is a tip – You can dress as the ghoulish ghost along with your little one and scare your guests in the next Halloween party!

Source: gettyimages

3. Minion Mayhem

Minions are cute, aren’t they? Why not try them for your toddlers? Put a yellow top on them along with dungarees and that’s it. Your kids can strike attractive poses with this costume. While it is cutesier than being scary, it is a good fit for the Halloween theme.

Source: Pinterest

4. The Cutest Witch

With this costume, transform your kid into a character right out of a fairy tale! Get a good blacktop and a red frock. Top this up with a witch’s pointed hat and there you have the cutest witch ever! Let them carry a basket of scary toys at the Halloween party to boo the guests.

Source: halloweencostumes.co.uk

5. Kitty Black Cat

Cat costumes are always great for festivals, celebrations, and parties. Since cats themselves are super cute, it sounds even more fun when you put their costume on a toddler. Apply black paint on your toddler’s face to mimic the whiskers and there she will be purring away!

Source: simpleasthatblog.com

6. Burning Bonfire

If you are looking for something unique, this is your choice. How about you get a flame – design t-shirt and top it up with a red cap? You can also slightly smudge the face to give your kid a rugged and rough look. Also, if you find brown tubes made of plastic, fix them around the waist for a bonfire look.

Source: Pinterest

7. Pickled Pumpkin

What could Halloween be without pumpkins? Pumpkins are cute and they will look cuter when you make a pumpkin costume for your toddler. Put an orange-colored French hat on them to complete the look. Pumpkin tops go very well with a black inner t-shirt.

Source: potterybarnkids.com

8. Brilliant Bat

Your toddler will feel like a superhero with this amazing black bat costume. It comes with flaps that would complement your kid who loves to constantly move around. You can also add a black eye mask to enhance the look. Another advantage of this costume is that it will keep your child warm in a cold weather.

Source: hgtv.com

9. Pirate Costume

Suitable for both boys and girls, a pirate costume can be a great choice for cosplay parties. The complete look consists of a plastic sword, belt, and black boots. If you do not want to buy one, you can recreate a similar look from your current wardrobe.

Source: childcostumes.com

10. Vampire

Toddler vampires may try to scare you but trust us, they look like gentlemen. This stylish looking costume is great to use during Halloween parties and goes very well with a red-colored bow. Not only does it resonate spookiness, but it creates a style statement too.

Source: Amazon

11. Harry Potter

Are you a Potterhead? Let your toddler resemble a character straight out of the book! Transform your little kid into a wizard using scarfs and a pair of glasses. It will surely be a nice surprise for all Potterheads out there.

Source: costumecauldron.com

12. Freakish Frankenstein

Provide your little monster a costume of a monster. The Frankenstein costume is eye-catching with its popping green color and looks great on your cute toddler. Prop it with a pair of little black shoes and complete a show-stealing look.

Source: fruugo.no

13. Elsa

Dress up your toddler like Elsa from Frozen with this perfect Halloween costume. You can crown her with a small tiara and tie her hair in knots to resemble the character. But trust us, she will be prettier than Elsa herself!

Source: Pinterest

14. Troll on Your Back

This is one of the most popular Halloween costumes at the moment. If you want to have fun with hairspray, this is a great excuse. Tie your little princess’s hair like Poppy and color with red or blue sprays.

Source: costume-works.com

15. Scary Monster

You can either buy this costume or modify a hoodie of your toddler to resemble the same. Include props such as multiple eyeballs and horns to reveal a complete monstrous but cute look.

Source: fancydressvip.com

16. Lazy Zombie

Don’t know which costume to choose in the last minute? This could be your last-minute choice. Just grab some old t-shirt and a pair of jeans. Put as much as red paint as you can on it and a little on the face. Smudge the face with a little bit of grey. And voila! That’s the zombie look.

Source: Pinterest

17. Hobbit

For all the Hobbit fans out there, it would be fair to assume that you would have fallen in love with Frodo Baggins’ costume. You can replicate the same with your toddler! Grab a grey shirt, an overcoat, and a green cloth as the veil. Finish with a pair of brown pants and a little Hobbit necklace.

Source: Amazon

18. Hannibal Lecter

Another popular character costume, the Hannibal Lecter is an easy costume to make. Put on a white full sleeve t-shirt and a pair of blue jeans on your toddler. Spike up their hair on all sides and put on a small cannibal mask similar to what the character has.

Source: Costumewall

19. Baby Shark

Sharks are cute and baby sharks are definitely worth the drool. Get a ready baby shark costume from the market, which can double up as a hoodie as well. One striking feature of this costume is the teeth that come out from the edges of the hoodie cap, resembling as if the shark is swallowing the toddler.

Source: qoo10.sg

20. Mermaid Costume

This gorgeous costume will indeed be a great fit for your baby girl. At some point, it is a dream for every girl to become as mysterious and beautiful as a mermaid. It’s time to make her dream come true and make her feel like a character in a fairy tale world!

Source: Pinterest

21. Nun

This versatile costume is scary yet elegant at the same time. Either you can buy a ready one online or make one yourself by grabbing a black top and skirt along with a white head accessory. Prop it up with a wand or make the costume work its magic by simply pulling the hoodie cap down, to cover the entire face of the toddler (just like from the movie!)

Source: Aliexpress

22. Edward Scissorhands

Let your kid impress your guests with amazing haircutting and head-trimming skills. This incredible costume replicates the character, Edward Scissorhands. Gloves, a makeup kit, and a wig will complete the overall look.

Source: Instructables

23. Ghostbusters!

Why not do something different and make your toddler costume actually not scary? With the Ghostbusters costume, teach your toddler to fight for good and his task will be to fight all the evil spirits during Halloween!

Source: halloweencostumes.com

24. Smurfs

Smurfs are cute, cool and catchy! This is one movie you would not mind watching a million times just because of how beautiful the characters are. Bring in the magical blue color to your toddler with a blue top, a pair of white pants, and a white smurf hat. To make it more realistic, you can paint his/her face blue.

Source: Pinterest

25. Gandhi

Gandhi is known for his non-violent methods of fighting against evil. Bring the same spirit to your toddler and replicate this extremely simple yet elegant costume. All you need is a pair of glasses resembling Gandhi, a white cloth tied over the head, and a white loincloth. Include a long wooden stick to complete this traditional look.

Source: Amazon
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