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Are you familiar with a hot tub? It’s large tub filled water that offers the users of the tub pleasure and relaxation. Hot tubs are also known as Jacuzzi. One difference between traditional tubs and hot tubs is that while traditional bathtubs are designed to accommodate only one person, hot tubs allow more people to enjoy baths together. Sometimes, hot tubs let more than four people get a bath together. In simple words, inflatable hot tubs serve more recreational needs than the main purpose of bathing that is cleaning the body. Another thing is the water that is used in hot tubs is not changed after each use. Instead, the used water is kept hygiene by applying similar methods that people use to clean swimming pool water.

Materials Used to Make Hot Tub

How tubs are made a question that may come to mind if you ever decide to buy a hot tub. There is no specific method to make a hot tub. There are different methods and materials are used while making hot tubs. If you are able to grasp useful ideas of how hot tubs are made and the materials being used to make these recreational baths,  choosing the right model of your hot tub will be easier for you. Otherwise, you may end up with the wrong purchase. Setting up the tub in your home is another issue.    Hot tubs are usually made from acrylic, rotomolded plastic, or vinyl.

The Structure of a Hot Tub

A hot tub’s main structure is its shell. This is the inner part of the tub that forms the floor of the tub. The shell is built from one type of plastic which is called acrylic. One of the world’s leading acrylic manufacturers is a US company which is ICI Lucite®’. They supply a range of products to the market including bulletproof glass

Like acrylic, a similar material is ABS. It comes with a similar melting point like acrylic. When a hot tub is formed with an acrylic layer on top and a strong ABS layer underneath the tub, the resultant tub will be strong and aesthetically pleasant looking.

Another material that is used in the shell of a hot tub is fiberglass. It also increases the strength of the tub. Fiberglass was a favorite material three decades ago. However, this material is now seen with much suspicion.  One of the reasons is the combination of acrylic and fiberglass don’t produce a good match since both materials have dissimilar thermal properties. Due to different thermal properties, the formation bond between fiberglass and acrylic doesn’t produce a strong durable bond.

Hot Tubs Made With Vinyl

Vinyl hot tube is a combination of vinyl and cement. The frame of the tub is made with cement. Then the vinyl layer is applied to conceal the cement. It’s a nice inexpensive process to make a hot tub. However, the flip side of the vinyl hot tubs is that they are less durable. It is because vinyl liners do not withstand pressure, weather, and time. Another thing is vinyl hot tub utilizes more electricity to warm up.

Rotomolded Hot Tubs

These hot tubs are manufactured from plastic powder. Granules of plastic are melted and then the liquid form of plastic is given shape by pouring and rotating it to a mold. The use of plastic powder to make a hot tub gives the tub a matte finish. The tub is inexpensive to purchase. It is also lighter than other types of hot tubs. Remolded plastic hot tubs are simple to move around. You can move such hot tubs in your yard yourself. However, the limitation of these tubs is that they don’t retain heat quite well. Poor heat retention power of these tubs make them expensive to use.

Hot Tubs Made With Acrylic

These bathtubs are manufactured from melted acrylic material and are formed on a mold. A vacuum is used to remove air from the tub primary structure. When the air is removed from the acrylic, It snugly fit with the mold and produces a smooth and beautiful tub. After the acrylic mold cools down and turns into solid, fiberglass and resin are added to it to strengthen the tub. These two additional materials that are resin and fiberglass also make the tub better insulated. The advantage of acrylic hot tubs is more energy-efficient and durable. However, the flip side of these tubs is that they are heavier and thus not easy to move around within your backyard. They are expensive to purchase also. But you may like one such model acrylic hot tub due to their low heating cost and good durability of different parts.

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