Before starting talking about the health benefits of skateboarding right away, let’s know some interesting facts about this popular sports activity.

The origin place of skateboarding is California, which is one of the largest states of the USA

The teens of California, invented this spectacular sports when sea waves were too rough or too mid to suff

At present, there are over 100 millions skateboarders across the globe. So, you can understand how popular the sport is.  Besides popularity, skateboarding offers many amazing health benefits. Let us know these benefits :

Burn Calories

Skateboarding helps to burn calories. However, measuring the exact amount of calories burned resulting from skateboarding is difficult since the skaters do this exercise not at an equal pace. But we have still one rough estimate regarding the amount of burned calories and that is 150 to 500 calories per hour of skateboarding.

Not An expensive sport

One amazing fact about skateboarding is it is an inexpensive sport. The sport is ideal for doing a physical activity with limited budgets. One can pursue this sport with a budget of as low as $24. Conclusion

Skateboarding is fun, entertaining and offers many health benefits. Young people specially teens should encourage to participate in skateboarding to keep their health well. The sporting material is quite available online.

Enhances physical endurance

Skateboarding is a great way to increase the endurance of your body stamina. The enhancement of the stamina happens due to the fact that skateboarding involves the heavy use of leg muscles and lower torso.

Skateboarding helps to build muscles

Skateboarding requires some physical skill.which in effect works on several muscles, including the core muscles quadriceps, gluteus, lower legs, and maximus. So, if you practice skateboarding, going to a gym is not so necessary.

Relieve stress

Skateboarding is a powerful stress-reliever. Stress is an ill of modern busy life. It causes many unseen bad things to health. Some health experts suggest use skateboarding as a replacement for traditional stress-reducing therapeutic counseling. Psychologists tried to figure out why skateboarding reduces stress. They found out that skateboarding free the skateboarders mind and build self-confidence thus alleviate stress.

Skateboarding helps with depression

Skateboarding keeps the skateboarders mind busy while riding out in the sun through the fresh air and this way reduce some depression to some extent skateboarding does keep your mind busy, and riding out in the sun with the breeze through your hair can’t hurt either.

The sport is great for children

Most children like sedentary activity like playing video games. In this respect, skateboards attracts children much since the sport allows them to do several tricks which is a great fun for them.

Increases metabolism

The body requires a routine workout for healthy metabolism and strenuous exercises like skateboarding are perhaps the best exercise it can get. It is definitely a new type of exercise and works on a variety of muscles. Besides the regular usage of hands and legs, a skateboarder displays various positions with every trick or stunt, thus exercising several muscles of the body.

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