Often a sensitive subject whispered around, from ear to ear about Conjugal visits, are they real or a bogus? Being a criminal, how it’s possible to have intimate time with a partner who is not imprisoned? There is also a misconception roaming around that conjugal visit that happens in prison between prisoners are a conjugal visit or prison sex. And there is no regulated program such as that.

But the truth is they Exist! Yes, conjugal visits are a real thing! They exist all over the world, though not that intriguing as depicted in pop culture. The conjugal visit is not what people ponder, because pop culture made up a story with a goal in mind and that goal is not always to convey the facts.

Only four states in America allowing conjugal visits nowadays, Al-though conjugal visit are now renamed as extended family visits. To be eligible for the extended family visit program, the prison inmates must have to carry a clean record. The regulations that allow the visit are extreme. The whole scenario of the visit is closely monitored under strict protocols. To know more about this sophisticated issue of modern prison cell follow this blog and hit bottom.

What is Conjugal Visit?

If you ask what a conjugal visit is, then the answer will be plain and simple; Conjugal Visit meaning, a program where a prison inmate is allowed to spend private time with a spouse or other family members such as kids and grandparents. Though in most cases, the visits are used for the prisoner and his spouse to involve in sexual relations. The purpose of the visit is to keep intact the family bond during the prisoner’s imprisonment. Many prison authorities feel that inmates are strongly motivated to obey the various day to day rules and regulations of the prison to get the right to have a conjugal visit. This is the shortest possible conjugal visit definition.

Everything You Need to Know About Conjugal Visit

Even with the high reputation of conjugal visits in pop culture, not many states in the US practice them. 17 states had some form of conjugal visitation since 1993, with the duration and requirements varying from state to state. This number had decreased to just six states in 2014. However, this facilitation working or not it’s not the primary concern; we are here to discuss the ware about of conjugal visit and its impact in the prison cell. So, let’s show you how this conjugal visit works and what all the fuss about.

When did Conjugal Visits Start?

When-did-Conjugal-Visits-StartMississippi in America is the origin of conjugal visits. According to lawyer and prison historian Patrick Rodgers, first, conjugal visit happened in the early 1900s when a warden at Mississippi State Penitentiary brought this idea of conjugal visits as a spur for the black) inmates to work harder in the prison’s farming industry. On every Sunday afternoons, the prison authority brought in prostitutes who charged 50 cents for their services, and that’s how it all starts.

States That Allowing Conjugal Visit

Conjugal visits are allowed only in four states in America but known as extended family visits. Though, the federal prison systems don’t let them. These four states are California, Connecticut, New York, and Washington.

Eligibility for Conjugal Visit

Conjugal visits can only happen in prisons where the security level is not that tough. The rules vary from state to state. In general, prisoners must avoid dozens of violations, including fighting and swearing in the past six months to apply for the visit. Before allowing the visit, the prisoner must pass a health screening. There also specific rules followed by different states, such as, In California, an inmate must be legally married.

How Often Can Prisoners Have Such Visits?

Extended family visits have three-time duration package: six hours, 12 hours and 24 hours. These options are only available for inmates with the best records, and who are within one year of release. These visits are only allowed to eligible prisoners once or twice in a year.

Where They Facilitated the Visits?

These visits happen in private, apartment-style settings within the prison walls. The prison administration provides essential toiletries like a hotel room such as clean sheets, condoms, soap, and towels. For the prisoners, it’s like a raindrop in a vast desert.

Can Same-Sex Couples Take Part?

In 2007, California allowed conjugal visits to same-sex couples. They have to be married or in a civil union. New York prison did the same in 2011.

Is it Free of Charge?

Yes, it is free, though, in Washington State, the participation fee is $10 per night and food won’t be provided.

Conjugal Visit in Other Countries

Like U.S. other countries like Great Britain and Northern Ireland showing the same cold attitude towards conjugal visits. They don’t allow them.

However, Germany allows prisoners for conjugal visits with the strict screening process. The girlfriend murder case by an inmate and the suicide attempt during a visit concerns the security at correctional facilities thus creating a negative impact on the program.

Though, in countries like Venezuela and Brazil has a soft view towards conjugal visit. They allow unmarried persons a weekly visit. In Colombia, where prisoners don’t even get a cell and bed because of overcrowding, conjugal visits are routine.

Conjugal Visit Rules of the Four States

Ethical behavior is the number one requirement to get the family and conjugal visitation rights, yet there’s something more to it than that. Mostly, the rules of family visits are almost same in all the prison; they must be in medium security or lower prisons, and they must not have been convicted of sexual assault. However, each state has their unique protocol for selecting which inmates have earned the privilege of family visitation. A short list of rules and regulations of an average Conjugal visit are-

Rules of Connecticut Prison

  • Inmates cannot get level 4 tag or above in close custody (levels scale are based on how much they are monitored by guards daily)
  • They cannot be the part of any gang, class A or class B disciplinary offenses within the past 12 months.
  • The spouse has to come with eligible family members.

Rules of New York Prison

  • This State allow visitation for same-sex couples
  • They have to present the proof of marriage

Rules of California Prison

  • This State also allow visitation for same-sex couples
  • Both the inmates and visiting members are subject to a search in every four hours

Rules of Washington Prison

There is a long list of conditions that inmates and visitors alike meet before taking part in the visitation program. And those are

  • The duration of the visit varies from six hours to twenty-four hours, which will be regulated by the supervisor of the prison.
  • Visitors need to verify both the relationship with the inmates and free of criminal records
  • If a family member such as, brother or sister, wishes to visit, it will be monitored closely
  • If a child is participating in the visit, the spouse has to bring a birth certificate proving that the inmate is their biological father
  • The visitor cannot be a subject to any criminal drug charges or on bail.
  • If the inmate is a step-father and he was the legal guardian of that child and remain with his/her at least seven years, then he will get permission to have a visit with that kid.

Few Unknown Facts about Conjugal Visit

Movies and television create a alter perception about a Conjugal visit that builds up curiosity among general citizens. However, the reality is almost opposite that we see on the large and small screens. But the thing is some facts always hide behind the closed curtain when people try to know about this controversial topic. So, in this segment, we will try to uncover some of those hidden truths that were remain buried for a long, long time.

  • The very first conjugal visitors were prostitutes. They came into the prison to satisfy the black slaves
  • The real term of this program is not ‘Conjugal visit.’ It is ‘extended family visits’ or ‘family reunion visits’ depending on the prison
  • This visit is not all about sex. Though the conjugal definition points that. It was actually for the family gathering to make sure that the family remain intact while the prisoner spending the days in the cell
  • In India, the conjugal visit is a prisoner right
  • In Saudi Arabia, prisoners get one conjugal visit per month
  • American visits can last from one hour to three days
  • Inmates, as well as the visitor, have to pass the eligibility test to get the visitation
  • In Colombia prison, about 3,500 women arrive at prison cells every Sunday to meet with their husbands or boyfriends to have an intimate time


From a humanitarian point of view, the conjugal visits may have been a good idea at the start, but by observing the amount of violence in the prison system today, the program is a grand failure. Another hitch in this system is they are allowing same-sex visits which go against the teachings of the religion and the base of the beginning of the family structure. Nowadays, many start thinking that prison should revoke the right to have the privilege of a conjugal visit. They took someone’s freedom in their hand when they committed the crime, so it would not be too cynical to seize their freedoms as we enjoy on a daily basis’s.

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